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Free Download Carnivores Ice Age PC Game Full

Free Download Carnivores Ice Age PC Game Full

Free Download Carnivores Ice Age PC Game Full

Carnivores Ice Age is an Hunting Game for PC. Carnivores: ice age is third game in the hunting series. This version is ready on the Arctic regions of planet FMM UV-32. Scientists of DinoHunt business firm. discovered that animals from the ice age still live there and that they establish a looking program. The player roams the earth using a mini-map, a compass and an assortment of guns to seek out the animals. in contrast to the previous computer games this title doesn’t feature any dinosaurs (except for the prehistoric bird diatryma). the sport uses a similar engine because the previous titles and has 5 main areas: McRath Island, Ravaren’s Bridge, Ring of Infernus, Dry Nodus Lake, and therefore the Giant’s Boot—each with their own difficulty level. similar to the previous games animals don’t leave behind tracks, despite the snow. The out there weapons area unit mostly a twin of the sooner versions and embody a a small-arm, shotgun, rifle, crossbow, double-barreled firearm, and rifle. The enclosed animals within the computer version area unit brontotherium, dire wolf, wild boar, rhino, diatryma, giant deer, smilodon (sabre-tooth tiger), mammoth, cave bear, yeti, Archaeopteryx lithographica, and therefore the pig.

Free Download Carnivores Ice Age PC Game Full – There are not any missions within the game. The player selects what to hunt and therefore the weapon, so enters an area. it’s continually attainable to go away similarly. throughout the game points ought to be earned . they’re spent to customise hunts, as sure weapons, areas and animals value a lot of. Initially, solely weaker animals (herbivores) and weapons area unit out there till a sufficient quantity of points has been earned . All animals area unit but ready to kill the hunter. As in the previous games tranquilizers will be used rather than bullets, however these don’t cause trophies for kills. Points may also be spent on camouflage, a radar, or to hide scent. looking is finished with a practical approach because the animals ought to be known as to lure them and therefore the player must position himself against the wind, avoid noises and keep out of sight. The area unitas are open-ended and yet again have a nonstop cycle. A distinction compared to the previous games is that here the weak points of the animals aren’t shown and that they are generally a lot of resistant to and demage.

System Requirements:

  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • Processor pentium III 2.0 Ghz or Higher
  • RAM: minimum 512 MB
  • DirectX 9.0 or higher
  • 450 Mb Free HD Space
  • 64 bit 64 Mb Ram VGA
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Free Download Carnivores Ice Age PC Game Full

Free Download Carnivores Ice Age PC Game Full

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