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Download Game Resident Evil 5 PC Full Version

Download Game Resident Evil 5 PC Full Version

Download Game Resident Evil 5 PC Full Version

In Resident Evil 5, we will play as Chris Redfield who have already become members of the BSAA (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance). This time paired with Sheva Alomar Chris instead of Jill Valentine, Chris who appeared in Resdient Evil 5 has a more stocky and muscular chest even though the field of Carlos Olivera. Chris Sheva must work together to get past the obstacle or defeating the Majini. During an adventure in Africa Names carry back Plagas in Resident Evil 5. So we can be sure that the mutation causes bizarre creatures and terrible that is here is not a virus but the parasites that had been faced by Leon. The Uroboros Majini instantly grows into an adult, not like the Ganados who went through a phase children. Clearly Resident Evil 5 features offline co ​​- op similar to the Gears of War series, this feature is a bit much relief and survive the horror in Resident Evil.

Chris and Sheva action throughout the game, very thick with elements of the run and gun. Because of the strong, to the point that we feel that Resident Evil 5 loses a lot of puzzle elements that are usually used to decorate the whole game. Dominant action in Resident Evil 5 fortunately supported by many types of weaponry. We will be dealing with a sophisticated biological weapons, so it would not hurt if we prepare ourselves with the weapons a little more traditional like bullets, grenades or rockets in considerable amounts. All weapons can be upgraded us to be more effective and painful for the zombies, although to be honest we still expect that Chris suddenly slip of the tongue and shouted as he pulled Hadouken fireball bluish.

In terms of graphics, Resident Evil 5 has very fantastic graphics artistically and technique. The sharpness of the picture more pleasing to the eye what the details of the environment, guaranteed you will be amazed with treats graphics are owned by Resident Evil 5. Framerate in this game also did not experience a drop though many enemies that appear on the screen, it certainly could be a proof that Capcom’s flagship franchise is always polish them to always perform excellent.

System Requirements:

  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • Processor Intel Core 2 Duo 2,5 G Ghz or Higher
  • RAM: minimum 2 GB
  • DirectX 9.0c or higher
  • 6 Gb Free HD Space
  • 256 bit 512 Mb Ram VGA


  • Extract….dst
  • Mount rld-re5.iso with daemon tools
  • Install the game with setup.exe
  • Copy the crack file “launcher.exe” to folder dit
  • Launch and play


Download Game Resident Evil 5 PC Full Version

Download Game Resident Evil 5 PC Full Version

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File Size: 7.1 GB / Pass rar:

UsersClouds, Tusfiles, Uptobox, Uppit |  Full Version (Reloaded) | Re-Uploaded December 2014

Download Game Resident Evil 5 PC Now Here

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